automatically seeks out Long Tail keyword phrases related to your domains' theme. These phrases must meet specific criteria including a high number of daily searches and a low number of competitors before they are automatically inserted to your sites.

What happens next is astounding: Sites begin landing on the First Page of Google, usually within days, for those Long Tail keyword phrases.

In the event that a keyword phrase falls off Google’s first page, it’s replaced by a new

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Emailed Reports

First Page Finder keeps you informed as more keyword phrases are discovered and your sites begin landing on the first page of Google.

Every 72 hours or so, First Page Finder analyzes current results.

If your sites have been found on the first page of Google, you'll receive a report detailing the keyword phrases, rank position, and daily traffic.

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FPF is Fast and Easy

Not only will First Page Finder find the Long Tail keywords phrases that you need to get ranked on Google’s first page, it also

gets you ranked fast! Simply upload our WordPress plugin or add a

few lines of code on your web pages (we show you how) and start seeing results in as little as two or three days - sometimes even less!

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AMAZING! First Page Finder inserted 30 keyword phrases into my web site and I landed on Google's first page for 20 of them in less than five days.
S. Tunura

A lot of promises but nothing worked until First Page Finder. My sites are finally receiving a continuous stream of traffic and business has never been better.
K. Falco